About us

Why us

Our technology allows to automate business processes faster and with less expenses than technologies of traditional software developers.

Our mission

We work to make qualified specialists free of routine operations. After all, more than 50% of working hours are spent on these operations. Employees can spend this time for making come true creative ideas and solving tasks which are not trivial and which are always many in business.

Our opinion concerning automation

We think that automation tools should be available for any person. That is why we have created a tool with which any employee can automate his professional functions without a help of a programmer in simple visual constructor. Or you can name this constructor visual programming environment.

Our strategy

We do not only automate business processes but we also can provide you with the tool with which business processes automation becomes possible for any of your employee without any expenses on programmers, interface designers and other highly paid IT-specialists.

Our team

Each of our clients not just a partner for us but also a full member of the team.

Increase a profit and decrease expenses via an automation!


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