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Allows all employees of a company to use knowledge and experience of the most qualified specialists who are creators of expert systems. Accumulates experience and knowledge becoming more experienced than a single specialist. Receives data from external and internal sources (data bases) and automatically interprets them on the basis of it's algorithms.

Plusses: saving time of qualified specialists and saving staff expenses, staff mistakes quantity decreasing, fast changes of working algorithms for all staff without retrainings.

Provide a client with all information about a seller of goods/services. Helps customers to make a choice. Encourage a customer to buy a product/service. Increase a loyalty of clients via a 24/7 support. Increase conversion rate of the website. Helps to receive a feedback from clients concerning goods or services. Collects a clients' information. Unloads call centers and helps to save on consultants. Works 24/7 without any limits of clients serviced.

Chat-bots can be placed on web-sites an in messengers.
Plusses: saving time of specialists and saving staff expenses, increasing of sales and loyalty of clients, improving of business competitivness.

Generates documents which content changes in dependence on answers given by users for questions of the programm. Helps staff of a company with routine work such as preparing documents (contracts, applications, invoices, protocols etc.). Allows clients operatively and without any help of company's staff to receive prepared documents which are needed for interaction with a company.

Plusses: saving time of employees and clients, cutting staff expenses, increasing clients loyalty, minimizing quantity of mistakes in the documents.

Customers immidiately receive a price of goods/services they need. They do not have to research big tables with tariffs and prices to calculate the price.

Plusses: saving time of staff and saving staff expenses, increasing of clients' loyalty and a competitivness of the business.

Checks candidates for vacancies and employees for professional suitability and psycological stability. Checks knowledge levell. Attracts clients to a web-site of a company.

Plusses: saving time of HR staff, increasing an efficiency of teaching process and a loyalty of clients. Attraction of more clients to a company's web-site.

Each employee always knows what to do and how to do it even if he is a newcomer. Instead of reading a huge quantity of company's internal documentation (rules, instructions, reglaments etc.) an employee just follows instructions of the program in each case when he does not know how to behave. Business process in all branches of a company are easy to change by a single change of an algorithm via the visual constructor.

Plusses: saving time of a staff, improving an efficiency of staff training process, minimizing quantity of staff mistakes, immidiate changing of business processes.

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