About our technology

Visual constructor of expert systems, chat-bots, tests, online calculators etc.

A small peace of information about our know-how and why it provides us competitive advantages in software development

How is a software usually developed? A concept of a software is invented, technical task is prepared, designers draw interfaces, programmers write a code, software testers test. Each stage is time and money consuming.

Our visual constructor allows you to start creating and implementing your application right away. Besides, there is no need to know any programming language to create an application. An application can be created (drawed) by any person without help of a programmer and it immidiately start to work on a web-site or in a messenger.

Thus, our visual constructor allows us to radically cut time for application development and save money which is usually spent on developers. After all, the application can be simply "draw" in the constructor and it starts working! There is no need to pay for work of programmers and other IT-staff who's services are usually expensive. You want application? Just "draw" it in our constructor or we "draw" it for you. You want to make changes in an applictaion's algorithm? It is simple. "Draw" new algorithm elements and/or change connections between the elements and you have made it! It is just a magic, isnt it? :)

Increase a profit and decrease expenses via an automation!


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