A calculator to count the efficiency of automation

We designed a calculator to count a payback of documents drafting automation. But it can be used to count a payback of other business-processes automation as well.

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Advantages of our company and technology

All these products can be combined into a single service for your company.

Developing speed

Our visual constructor helps us to develop a software within a short term. We don’t need to draw interfaces, make layouts and write a program code. We only need to draw a logic of the software in the constructor and the software will be generated automatically.

Favorable prices

Our visual constructor allows us to create software for relatively low prices as for the software creation we don’t need to pay highly-paid programmers, interface designers, layout designers.

Short term for making amendments

Our visual constructor allows us to make fast changes of a software algorithms in case of business processes changes. After the algorithms are changed all employees and clients will work in a frame of a new business process.

Experience in making algorithms

We do not only create a software on the basis of your algorithms. But we help you to make algorithms on the basis of your business processes and make your business more efficient. Before making an algorithm of any process it should be ordered. And we can help with it.

Individual approach

We do not just sell previously created software but we adjust our software to individual demands of our client and always satisfy his requirements.

Experienced team

Our team consists of qualified and highly experienced professionals. Thanks to it we can fast create a software which is not an easy task for other companies. More detailed information about the team in the next section.

Additional services

We can provide for our customers additional services.

Employees education

We can teach your staff how to create and change a software in our visual constructor.

Plug in of data bases

Data bases integration can provide decision making automation, that is a substitution of people by programs.

Processes algorithmization

We will make an audit of your business-processes, then make algorithms and create a software on the basis of these algorithms.

Installing programs on a server

You make a choice to install a software on your server or on our own server.

Design customization

A design of our products can be changed according to your favors (we can add a logo, change colors etc.).

Integration with messengers

Our software can work both on web-sites and in messengers. In messengers it works as a chat-bot.

Our clients’ feedback

We do not publish fake feedback. All the feedbacks are from real clients whom we helped.

Stages of product implementation

The term of product developing is usually from 2 weeks and depends of a complexity of the task.

Task setting


Product development


Product testing





If you have not found an answer in this section than ask us a question via feed back for in the contact section of the site.

Yes, it is possible. But only the latest changes made by the last user will be saved.

It is simple. Any computer user can work in it. A 1 hour of learning is usually enough.

Yes, sure. Send us an algorithm and we develop a software for your purposes.

We discuss the terms individually. Write us how you want to use the constructor and we will get in touch for details discussion.

Currently we made available to connect our software to Telegram. But if you wish we can connect our software to any messenger.

You can order us an audit of your business processes. Our specialist will research your documentation, interview your employees and create algorithms of business processes on the basis of information received.

Increase your profit and cut your expenses via automation!


We will get in touch with you for more details.


Our start up is developing constantly. In this section you can read the latest news about us and about processes algorithmization.


CLM is on the way, i.e. the contract life cycle management system from Botman.one, stay tuned.


Botman.one team and Pskov State University held a hackathon for students.

We plan to hold hackathons for students of other universities.


Botman.one and received like this good review from "Sberbank Factoring".

We plan to introduce additional automation: to make an automated loan conveyor, a contract constructor and a knowledge management system.

Our clients

These are all who understand that automation is not only a fashionable trend, but an effective tool of competition.